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ADSB SDR 'USB TV Stick' / Dongle Requirements

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  • ADSB SDR 'USB TV Stick' / Dongle Requirements

    Supplemental to information found at
    (spurred from user finding stick information not so forthcomming)

    If you do not chose to purchase a marketed 'ADSB stick' or USB TV Tuner via the suggested link there are specific requirements to be made aware of before purchasing generic sticks online

    USB specifications
    Must include (or be certain stick contains):
    Realtek/RTL2832 chip
    Rafael 820T/820T2 or E4000 (historic) tuners

    Adverts that specify 'Fitpower', 'FC0012' or 'FC0013' are NOT suitable for ADSB
    Refer table:

    Likewise if FR24feed/Dump1090 show: Found Fitipower FC0012 tuner - You will not feed.

    Standard or premium 'TV Sticks' that do not mention SDR(software defined radio), or the above key components specifically may not be suitable

    USB RPi power Draw
    TV Sticks often need external power booster to USB to keep some sticks 'alive' (USB power down) causing un-explainable errors. Likewise some extension USB cables can do this - an external 2-3Amp power supply is highly recommended before posting of issues.

    IF you have a stick, and wish to check it's health. Or confirm the chipset types, there are a number of methods depending on OS/computer availability

    How To Test If Your DVB-T RTL SDR Dongle Is Healthy Following two options are described below: OPTION-1: Dongle plugged into Raspberry Pi. OPTION-2: Dongle plugged into Windows Computer. . OPTION-1: Dongle plugged into Raspberry Pi. STEP-1: Install the test tools package rtl-sdr sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install

    NOTE: Feeding ADSB / FR24 is not USB task specific - It is only one of many other hobbiest projects the sticks are capable of
    What is RTL-SDR? RTL-SDR is a very cheap ~$30 USB dongle that can be used as a computer based radio scanner for receiving live radio signals in your area (no internet required). Depending on the particular model it could receive frequencies from 500 kHz up to 1.75 GHz. Most software for the RTL-SDR is also community developed, and provided free of charge. Note that RTL-SDRs cannot transmit. The origins of RTL-SDR stem from mass produced DVB-T TV tuner dongles that were based on the RTL2832U chipset. With the combined efforts of Antti Palosaari, Eric Fry and Osmocom (in particular Steve Markgraf) it was
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    Thanks Oblivian. Excellent write-up. This guide was badly needed.


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      Does anyone on this eBay page qualify as compatible? ?