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    The new version (V2.0) of Flightradar24 is now open for public beta testing.
    The address is
    This thread is for reporting bugs in the new beta version.

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    We love it !! Applauds
    Biggest change I think , it works in IE , for newcomers
    better in other browsers
    We like to have CHAT back under Forum link
    Me dont do facebook , dont do Twitter, too much , but chat important for NEW bies

    Ulf Scanhorse ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt


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      Love it!
      Not a bug, but a suggestion:
      Have you thought about adding a brighter colour for the planes?

      Red, blue and grey are all rather dull.

      Personally I use the map on "simple" (grey) and the planes red and it's fine, but on all other modes the planes become very hard to see (especially in "map" mode and blue / grey planes).

      I'd say bring yellow back, but currently you have that reserved for selected planes.

      Another suggestion would be a "ctrl + f" type search box in the planes list.

      Keep up the good work!

      EDIT: sorry, maybe this should be in the suggestions thread.
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        Nice work Mike.,

        Ive also noticed that by zooming in and out that it dosnt stay in the
        middle point where it started.

        By Chat., there is button in Forum for Flight Radar Chat.., But.!
        How many newbies would see it., I think that it would not be very
        many,. if any at all.!

        Also like Ulf., I am also not a great fan of Facebook or Twitter.,

        But its all set for 2011., Well done Mike and the team.!!
        (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

        1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


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          2) Would be nice to be able to minimize the left panel in order to show more of the map.


          Edit: Found how to do this:
          1) Missing the possibility to adjust the brightness of the background (map)
          Last edited by Roger Andreasson; 2010-12-08, 21:42.


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            I forgot to put in the web link in ,.What I use for Chat..:


            to enter the Chat rooms

            (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

            1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


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              Missing the key "jump to area"

              greets ,ooks great ;-)

              jsaero, John


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                hex (ICAO24) in detail left side and in filter missing.


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                  Its great Mike

                  When an aircraft loses signal and changes to "?" it remains like that even if signal is re established.



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                    Comments on beta version

                    Not bugs but some comments, apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere:

                    1) Love the new version.
                    2) Miss the yellow plane colour.
                    3) Map or Terrain as the default.
                    4) Make airport locations clearer.
                    5) Plane list is great, from and to on the list would be a great addition.
                    6) Ability to sort the list by the headings.

                    Great site, keep up the good work.



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                      hard to find the filter de-select button.
                      copy/paste difficult. If you select info and its refreshed then you need to select again and again.


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                        I prefer the yellow planes personally.

                        There's another radar on the internet where you can see the planes moving around the airport and which stand they're at. Any chance of this happening?

                        Otherwise I like it. Well done.


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                          absolutely love it Mike. Congrats on your efforts............Marty


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                            brilliant just started playing with it but the planes need to stand out more as many people have said yellow was great, would it be possible to highlight a 7700 squawk on the map area ???? also how do you get it to go full screen
                            Last edited by retro11; 2010-12-07, 22:04. Reason: just a thought


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                              Originally posted by jsearo View Post
                              Missing the key "jump to area"
                              I also agree. I also think there needs to be a tab with "forum" for updates in the forum.