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    Congratulations for doing a great job with the new website. Here is a list of things I like and dislike/miss on the new version.

    1. Love the different sizes and shapes of aircrafts so you can more easily detect aircraft types
    2. The new "Show on Map-function" is a great feature

    Do not like/miss:
    1. I really really miss the longitude/latitude-indication to the planes. It really helped me pinpoint the exact location in Google Earth. I Would really like it back.
    2. I miss the "Jump to Area"-function. Great feature if you are "a long way from home".
    3. I would like a function where you can hide the panel to the left like in the previous version.

    Overall you done a great job. I would appreciate if you at least brought back the "longitude/latitude-indicator". That would be great. Except from that, keep up the great work!


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      Originally posted by retro11 View Post
      also how do you get it to go full screen
      If you are using Google Chrome then if you press F11 then it goes full screen which is good. I dont know about other browsers.


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        Sometimes there is a question mark shown instead of the plane icon, even if complete data is shown in the info for minutes. (call, alt, pos, type, speed is ok)
        seems to happen if track = exactly zero.
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          Really nice design! Maybe you could add signs of antenna locations, status on/off or listing , search planes by destinations(like marine AIS), add yellow color for planes....Thanks


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            May I add one more comment/request.

            In the Radar Filter, Could we have that Alphbetish sortered again.,
            as its all completely jumbbled up with the Radars.

            As then we get to know which Country that is, without going thro
            the complete list.

            Found out how to dim the Map,. Thanks to Karl

            Thanks david
            (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

            1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


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              Hi all,
              There's one thing that annoys me: every time you go to get a map link from the tab at the top right hand corner it comes up with a box which you can get the map link, but as soon as you press OK it says: "Updates disabled
              You have been inactive for too long, please reload the page." which is really annoying if you are on slow browser. It only comes on Google Chrome not on Internet explorer, i don't know about anyone else's Google Chrome.
              (P.s Its not a big issue/bug.I'm just saying.)
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                Find difference (Ryanair callsign and other callsign with "@@@@@@@"

       - Old Version

       - Beta Version
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                  Originally posted by trabin View Post
                  Find difference (Ryanair callsign and other callsign with "@@@@@@@"
                  Doesnt make sense? There is no Ryanair in the second pic of FR24 in Beta?


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                    Yes. I don't see all planes with callsign "@@@@@@" in Beta Version.


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                      excellent work guys.
                      You are in wright way.
                      Miguel Teixeira
                      FR24 LPPT Radar
                      Miguel Teixeira
                      FR24 T-LPPT1 Radar


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                        Hi... Beta is great ( PS I have the Android app too )..... only two things are missing from both for me is an easy way to see source and destination of the flight which I guess you can get from the flight number ? I'm sure I saw it a while back but cant see it on here.

                        Also a quick preview of the plan on the map screen.... while those who are experinced may not need it been a noobish it would be good to stay on the map rather than going to an external site for an image.... but I guess this is a copy right problem and a tad of lazyness on my part

                        Re coverage.... it would be nice if you and planefinder ( got that one too ) could share info but I guess commercially thats not a good idea. ( Thinking of watching planes on the ground ).

                        So far I've tested it with XP & Win 7, Firefox beta 4.x and 3x, IE 9, IE8 and Unbuntu Firefox 3x and all is well.

                        Any way keep it up - look forward to it going live.


                        EDIT Just thought of one more for noobs.... what about when the user moves the mouse cursor over the track of the selected plan it shows the user the altitude rather than again having to look for the key ?
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                          The new version is great except that I would really like the lat and long displayed in the flight info.


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                            My review

                            GREAT RENEWALS:

                            - Overall design/layout looks better and more mature

                            - Plane list: Show plane on map. Maybe add a simple filter to the plane list. Currently I simply use the browsers search function.

                            - New map views "Hybrid", "Simple".

                            - UTC clock. Suggesting YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM UTC, so that there is a full time indicator, when screenshots are made.

                            - Filter interface.

                            - Plain icon size based on aircraft type.


                            - The animated zoom in/out is slower than the old instant zoom in/out. I prefer the instant zoom! Especially for weaker computers the animated zoom can be a killer!

                            - Plane icon: Even if set to "small" it is still quite large because of the white border around. Is this to guarantee a better visibility on a map with "Map" view?

                            - Aircraft labels: The generally enabled label is shown right to the plane. But mousing over a plane causes them to be shown above the plane. Maybe unify? Planes within a crowded area are hard to select, as not only the icon itself focuses the plane (as in the old version), but also their label area.


                            - Pressing "Map link" does a) not include the active filters and b) prints the URL as normal interface text into a javascript popup window instead of a text field or the browser address bar.


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                              Would like the active filters to appear in the map link-URL. A button to put the link on the clipboard is also requested.
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                                use of wildcards * ? in the filter section would be nice