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FUTURE FEATURE REQUEST'S - For apps (iOS and Android)

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    Originally posted by AirlinerSpotter View Post
    I recently started to feed FR24 with a raspberry pi. I would love to see what I am tracking in live thanks to a filter showing only the planes under my radar.
    Im also a great supporter of this request!


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      Can we get a night mode like in Google maps?


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        Originally posted by hansp View Post
        Im also a great supporter of this request!
        Me to!

        Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk


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          My suggestion is including filtering by hexcode specifically and "No.Reg" aircrafts.

          For example: I would like to filtering by aircrafts with E49 of hexcode initial and the fr24 show me all the aircrafts with hexcode that starts with E49.

          Filtering by "No.Reg" are helpfully to search aircrafts without registrations in databases.

          My third suggestion is including alert by specifically hexcode. I input an specifically hexcode in the app and when this hexcode is appears the app alerts me.


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            When using the AR [formerly binocular icon] function, as you drag the slider the distance shows in miles, then disappears when you let the slider go. Why not have this distance stay on the screen ? Kind of hard to even see it while you are sliding, I don't see the point of it disappearing.


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              I'm a new user and I just set up my feed station. I really like this entire toolset. Suggestions:
              1. In the AR mode, it shows the distance I am away from the aircraft, but I don't see that distance when I view the details on the aircraft on the normal map view. I would LOVE to be able to see the distance away when clicking on an aircraft in the normal overhead map view. It's inconvenient to go into AR mode just to see that distance. Unless I'm missing something here.
              2. I would like to be able to set an alert to notify me when an aircraft of a certain criteria is near to flying over my location. Then I can run outside and take a look! For example: Any time an aircraft is flying faster than x speed and closer than 3 miles from my location, let me know... or, anytime a certain helicopter is in the area...


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                Please add another map engine which is available in mainland China for Android Flightradar24. The number of Android phone users in China is growing but Flightradar24 for Android still uses a map engine which is unavailable in mainland China. However, Flightradar24 for iOS in China uses AMAP, which is available in China. So why iOS users in China can use fr24 but Android users can't? I think adding another map engine for fr24 Android edition is not something difficult and will bring you more users, who are in China.


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                  Hi, is it possible to increase the resolution of the 3D-view terrain when the plane is on the ground or at low altitudes? I noticed that they will become very pixelated. Thanks.


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                    Hi, it could be nice if planes with special livery will be in diferent colours. It is possible?