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Thread: feeding to fr24 without pc?

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    Just as an aside here, if you don't take steps to prevent the Beaglebone from firing up the graphical desktop, it will still use some CPU cycles, even if you ssh into the device. That is, you will be at runlevel 5 not runlevel 3. At the moment, I am still developing the system, so I have left the graphical interface running but will nuke it eventually. This is assuming you are running Angstrom. Angstrom picks shall we say an overly rich amount of programs and services in the default distribution. If I were running the show, I would have gone for a scheme like Opensuse JEOS, which stands for "just enough operating system." You really have to wonder at some of the default programs like the GIMP being installed.

    Regarding talk of the various platforms effecting the reception distance, this really shouldn't be the case. Or I can see no reason for the same programs having difference ranges provided they haven't overload the CPU.

    As far as powering the dongles. I had the Beagleboard XM driving three. I use a wall wart that still lives on the ebay, though I got a few at a local surplus shop. Just search ebay for proton 5v power supply.

    When I was running 4 DVB-T dongles from the Beagleboard XM, I used a powered USB hub.

    I should point out that the Beagleboard XM has a faulty USB hub chip in it. This is really annoying. There is a patch for the hub, but it doesn't get implemented uniformly in the various distributions. At some point I need to learn how to build a kernel myself and then do the patch.

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    The latest main release of Wheezy for has become seriously bloated and requires a 4Gb SD card (that is more than windows XP needed), not only does it have the graphical environment loaded - it's also shipped with Java etc fully installed. There are minimal builds available and this is what has been used on the latest pre-build feeder image since there was functionality to do the job but not so much more than needed.

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