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screen flashing and other problems

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  • screen flashing and other problems

    After running solidly for almost 2 years i am hitting all sorts of issues

    I am running flight-radar 24 on a raspberry pi ,using a NooElec Nesdr connected to a WVB sky king antenna connected via HDMI cable to a 27inch LG tv

    The first issue that i need to figure out

    Video flashing on and off

    when the Pi boots the Sd card displays the coloured screen 5 sec then starts to load the OS this takes 11 sec ,screen goes black 6 sec, then displays the Flightradar logo graphic/splash screen 32 sec (i guess they is some background loading going on)then continues to load the OS
    the loading finishes with some displayed information and finishes at the command prompt Login in
    however then the display flashes on and off every 2 seconds

    i can type in login name (pi) but can never get any further than this as by the time i type in the password it has flashed on and off a couple of times and i cant get past that screen i have diligently tried typing the password but i can not get it to work

    When i use Putty to ssh to the pi in this state No problems password works
    When checking with Feeder status all seems to be running

    Things i have tried
    New HDMI cable
    swapped out the Pi for another one
    re download FR image and write to SD card x3
    used a different monitor/tv
    used a new power cable connected to a strip-block with USB power sockets
    used a different usb power socket
    tried a second SDR

    in the config file enabled

    Nothing seems to stop this dammed flashing On and off of the display

    I thought i could live with it as when its running i don't really need to see it


    it only seems to run for so long then it falls over on both Pi when it has been running it obviously has rebooted but hung on the splash screen
    at one point trying to diagnose the flashing issue it started a reboot loop before it even got to the splash screen
    did a hard reset and it ran up fine but the min i took my eyes of it it would hang

    the power light on the Pi is solid red so i don't think its a power issue
    but i am lost what to do

    i have uploaded a video to you tube of what its doing

    Any help would be gratefully received

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    What's the rating on the power adaptor being used.

    A loaded power will also make the usb drop and stop working. Which can seem like a hang.

    You'll find most of us don't have monitors connected. A gui/video processing is just more cpu cycles.
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      You tried a different sd-card?

      Also there is no need to start with the pi24 image, you could for example follow this guide instead if you want to try:

      I'd recommend not using a monitor if you know how to use SSH anyhow ... just disconnect the monitor.