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FR24 Receiver produces heavy noise. EMI/RFI

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  • FR24 Receiver produces heavy noise. EMI/RFI

    Hello forum.
    I noticed that the FR24 receiver (F-EDDT2) causes strong interference around long wave and medium wave.

    Receiver ON

    Receiver OFF
    2019-09-15 11_45_33-Window.jpg

    Is there any known workaround? Ferrite clamps and so on doesn't work
    I don't want local authorities to visit me because of that

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    Does this use an external power supply? Perhaps it is the PSU that is generating RFI rather than the receiver itself?


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      Yes, the power supply is original from FR24.
      I also believe that comes from the power supply and will ask the support for a new one.


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        I remember giving away a Panasonic plasma TV that screwed up reception from 200KHz upwards, all down to the switched mode supply.


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          just want to share my experience when few year ago I kindly got a receiver from FR24. Since I'm an Hamradio I discovered few days after its installation strong noising on entire spectrum from VLF up to to VHF band.. After some tests I found as main source the original switching power supply arrived with receiver. I replaced it with a common transformer-based power supply. The noise was reduced but not enough to have the ham spectrum cleaned.
          Going forward I then realized that another noise source was the network cable. Replaced with different categories etc.. but after weeks of additional insulation/filtering/shielding and grounding attempts I removed the receiver from my garret and give up shipping it back.
          It's a pity that these problem on Radarcape box is still not fixed. The noisy Beaglebone Board still fight against Hamradio people .
          Luca IU0AZB, T-LIRZ13 (Giano OGN)