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Help Picking New ADS-B receiver & Antenna

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  • Help Picking New ADS-B receiver & Antenna

    Hi, I'm looking at ordering new ADS-B receiver system and wanted to get advice on what would be the best for my home looking at AirSpy R2 and The Radarcape the cable run is about 60 to 65 Feet long

    I was looking at

    AirSpy R2

    it has 4.5v switched Bias-Tee

    was going to use Meinberg NTP software

    something else I like about AirSpy R2 it has an External clock input (10 MHz to 100 MHz via MCX connector)

    and they have LeoNTP Time Server

    was looking at GPS Timing Antenna + 10 Meter Cable SMA

    the coax run to the mast where the preamplifier will be located it about 60 Feet

    was looking at RG-8 LMR-400DB

    also looking at using RG-6 Quad Shield but does have a higher loss and is 75 ohm

    FlightAware ADS-B Antenna

    here is a link to a review of it

    Uputronics 1090Mhz ADS-B Filtered Preamp with Ceramic Filter


    enclosure for Uputronics the only thing is the enclosure is Black, and the area I live gets in the upper 90-degree temperature
    so I was thinking of painting it white or silver for solar sun reflection

    photos of enclosure and setup

    SMA male to SMA female 90' Extender 15 cms RG316 Extended Panel Mount


    the other ADS-B I was looking at is The Radarcape

    it has a Complete package


    Power supply (5 V, 15 W)

    5 m network cable

    GPS antenna (cable length 5 m)

    "Active Diapason“ Antenna

    Bias Tee (for power supply of the LNA over USB-jack of a computer)

    USB cable

    Antenna mount

    20 m antenna cable

    it uses Active Diapason Antenna I don't know that much about that it's Design by F1OPA and F5ANN

    here is a link with translation

    it comes with 20 m Cable SMA (male) - SMA (male) Typ H155 equivalent, CO 100 AF here is Data sheet

    the cable looks like the size of RG-58 would I need to use something with more Shielding like LMR-400?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Originally posted by qc91 View Post
    Hi, I'm looking at ordering new ADS-B receiver system

    and they have LeoNTP Time Server

    was looking at GPS Timing Antenna + 10 Meter Cable SMA

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    The GPS timing antenna is identical to the one I bought, if you don't mind the wait then eBay from China at around £15 is far cheaper for EXACTLY the same item, they perform really well, my Blitzortung system uses one and it is still giving a 24 hour maximum deviation of only 1.2-1.3m after more than 2 years on my roof!
    As far as an NTP server goes, there are plenty of plans to build a dedicated NTP server with a raspberry pi and a PA6 or similar GPS module, the performance will probably be just as good as the uputronics one but at a quarter of the price.
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      Without knowing what you expect to accomplish it's hard to make recommendations. Is this just for a personal hobby receiver, or do you plan to build a network for an airport?

      Some general points regarding your list of products;

      1. We tested the Airspy and were not impressed by it's ADSB performance. A $20 FA Prostick provides better sensitivity. The Airspy is better used for a purpose where the wider bandwidth is utilized.

      2. Adding a GPS or NTP-server to a USB- connected receiver of any kind makes absolutely no difference for ADSB or MLAT reception. Only an FPGA-based receiver can benefit from GPS (like the Radarcape). You may have a use for GPS-synch for other purposes, but not for ADSB.

      3. It's very hard to beat a Raspberry with a Prostick (Plus), at under $100, (unless you live within coverage of a very busy international airport and may need the capacity of an FPGA-based reveiver like the Beastt or Radarcape. Prostick with a good filter actually provides better range than Beast/RC.

      4. Unless you plan to build a private, GPS-synched mlat-network with several receivers, or have a special reason to provide GPS-synched mlat traffic to FR24 and/or FA, it's hard to justify the cost of the Radarcape. I have several of them, but most of them provided by FR24.

      My initial recommendation is to get a simple RPi+Prostick based system and spend some money on a filter/LNA combo due to your long cable. Then try, evaluate, improve.

      See also:

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        Hi, Thanks everyone for the help with Flightaware ProStick it has On Board Amplifier but I have 60 to 65-foot coax run I'm looking at about 3.2 dB loss with LMR-400 can I use the Uputronics 1090Mhz ADS-B Filtered Preamp with Ceramic Filter at the mast? and disable the Amplifier on the ProStick ?