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Resume Flight info details.

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  • Resume Flight info details.

    Can anyone tell me when the flight info details will resume to be shown?
    It is so much more complete when that info is available again.

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    If this is what you mean by flight info:

    Then it's working fine for myself and many others.
    Or did it use to display more info? I can't remember to be honest.


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      Yes it is, Evolv5. It is indeed what i mean. However, the text that i get when i press on a plaine is the following:

      Due to an extreme amount of visitors at Flightradar24, we have temporarliy suspended the ability to click on aircrafts (normally shows info (speed etc) and plane trail )
      If you want to see some info about the planes you can switch on the "show callsign" feature in adjustments..

      So, I do not understand why i get this message when other do not?!


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        It may have something to do with your browser cookies or cache.
        Which web browser are you using?


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          I use Firefox but have always been able to see the plane info with this browser. The problem started on the day the european airspace closed. I guess that on that day a lot of ppl wanted to see for themself what was going on and hence flightradar 24 suspended the ability to receive more plane info.
          Are u able to get this info at this moment?


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            A few days ago it was not being shown for me either (as they suspended it).
            But it works fine for me now.


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              well tried everything now. clearing cache and deleting cookies. still same result. Even tried MS IE explorer. Again same result, no info.
              Thanks anyway, just have to live with it.


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                Have you tried using Google Chrome?
                In general the website has been more stable for me in Chrome.