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automatic upgrade fr24feed to Version 1.0.46-1 problems

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  • automatic upgrade fr24feed to Version 1.0.46-1 problems

    Khan Can you help?
    This morning at 7:35am NZDT my system upgraded from 1.0.44-0 to 1.0.46-0and then to 1.0.46-1.

    I noticed it dead about 2 hours later.

    /usr/lib/fr24/fr24feed_update.log shows this error.
    Installed version: 1.0.46-0
    Latest available: 1.0.46-1
    Upgrading fr24feed from 1.0.46-0 to 1.0.46-1...
    Waiting for fr24feed to stop completely...
    /usr/lib/fr24/ line 33: systemcl: command not found

    Looking in /usr/lib/fr24/ shows the same error on line 37.

    I assumes that the command should be systemctl , however I would like to know how to recover from this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Just do that, then stop then manually and update from .deb

    sudo systemctl stop fr24feed

    Since not announced officially, and going by a number of feeders software who stopped working this month and asked here for help. Only for it to work after a forced update. It is presumed we can take this error seen as the reason if you have auto update disabled you may face your feeders stopping. Be warned.
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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      Thanks, That link was exactly what I needed.
      My Feed has been back up for 6 hours and appears to be stable.

      The commands that I used to get it going were:-
      sudo systemctl stop fr24feed
      sudo dpkg -i fr24feed_1.0.46-1_armhf.deb
      sudo systemctl start fr24feed​