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Raspberry Pi 3, FR24 image, Wifi not working

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  • Raspberry Pi 3, FR24 image, Wifi not working

    Greetings everyone,

    I have searched everywhere I can think of, but I cannot find clear instructions to build my own fr24 data feeder using wifi.

    I can build and claim the receiver on Ethernet, login and very through the fr24 web interface on the device it claims it is linked. Login to claim my receiver on Flightradar24 and it correctly identifies the machine on its LAN interface. If I then switch to the wifi interface, flightradar24 claims that no data is received from my device.

    If I build the image on Ethernet, verify it's working properly through the web interface, then login through ssh to enable wifi, reboot the pi, it comes up on my wifi network just fine. I can login to the pod web interface which still claims UDP is connected, and verifies that the pi and network are working properly.

    When I proceed to the flightradar24 claim a device page, it says that no devices are present from my ip.

    It's seems that the fr24 software does not make the switch over to the wifi interface. How do I convince it to make the move and work properly on the wireless network so I can place the antenna on a short wire in the optimum position?

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    You don't need to constantly activate every time. Or search and activate if it has been done once.

    It is a 1-off process. Designed for the all in 1 image provided to confirm working and download the configuration from server and only uses LAN.

    Once activated and online (doesn't matter the network method) Then switch to using your login on the web page to check account status, or via the FR24feed settings.
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