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If you have some FANS logs at hand, then you don't need to read about, compile nor use dumpvdl2. Just get the sources, type "make decpdlc" and in a few minutes you should have a decpdlc binary ready in the current directory.

Then type, for example:

./decpdlc u /SMACAYA.AT1.A6-EQCE4A4845914C9625C241A5362C4C9640E4B00E8C3
and it will spit out the decoded message.

The first parameter "u" indicates that the following string should be decoded as an uplink message - so you have to know in which direction it has been sent (ground to aircraft or vice versa). Usually it should be pretty straightforward to figure this out from the ACARS log. Or just try "u" and then "d" blindly - it should work this way or another
Thanks very much for your guidance I will get that one going , really appreciated and look forward to hear or see you back in any software ! thanks for the good work.