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    Basic DVBT stick setup:

    DVB-T sticks must have a RTL2832U chipset and 802T/802T2 tuner.
    Those supplied with FC0013 or similar are not suitable


    - Don't populate HOST field
    - Don't populate COM/DEV/PATH field

    Feed from PiAware / Alternate Dump1090 version or AVR TCP capable output:

    - Requires IP/Port populated
    - Don't populate COM/DEV/PATH field*
    * - Only populate COM/DEV/PATH to dump1090 version installed if FR24FEED required to force start it on loading (not already running as service)
    - Disable other data outputs fields as controlled by external Dump1090 configuration
    - For Beast format use port 30005

    MicroADSB Stick:

    - (linux/Pi) Run sudo lsusb and dmesg | grep tty to confirm device port to populate - CASE SENSITIVE!


    Configuration planning should be based around intentions
    To Run FR24feed as the 'connector' or Decoder
    To Run FR24feed as a client behind other decoder application

    Each program has in and out data flow:

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