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Thread: sbs1 operating in conjuntion with FR24

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    I am able to feed loads of data to FR24 after risking life and limb installing an antenna on the roof today. However, I seem unable to receive aircraft on my SBS program when running in conjunction with FR24. SBS 1e works fine as long as I don't try to export data. Can anyone advise me what setting do I need to change to be able to operate both programs together???
    many thanks!!!

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    Make the following changes to your setup and both should start working together.

    1. Configure Basestation to connect to TCP rather than USB using the following details:
    Settings-> Hardware settings-> Network->, port 20072
    2. Edit the fr24feed.ini and add the following line:
    3. Start FR24 software first so it connects to the SBS-1e over USB
    4. Start Basestation that will connect to FR24 software via TCP

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