I have an early Radarcape (Beaglebone white, s/n 1302-) and have just upgraded the OS from the original Angstrom to Debian: I couldn't recommend it more.
Apart from the new, more pleasant Jetvision skin, they say that with Debian the CPU load is almost halved, and you can actually feel it: before, with Angstrom, the box was noticeably warm to touch, while now, running Debian, the box stays barely above room temperature, which can only help prolong the board's life. Considering also that Angstrom is inevitably going to be less supported over time, while development will revolve around Debian, I think the case for upgrading is rather compelling.

Upgrading was easy: I took the SD card and saved an image of the original Angstrom OS, just in case, and then burned the Debian image straight on it (which, on my laptop running Ubuntu, could be done directly using the built-in 'Disks' application - no need to install anything).

Instructions on how to upgrade here: wiki.modesbeast.com/Radarcape:DebianSupport (sorry, it won't let me paste the complete link; alternatively just google 'Radarcape Debian Support').