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    beta version

    thanks for all the adjustments to the beta version- its almost perfect in my book. Dont know how you manage to fix the 'issues' so efficiently!
    Just one issue that is still apparent and that is the discepency between the original and the beta regarding acft with no call sign, or if the call sign disappears- the acft displays on the original as an acft icon with as much data as is available. On the beta version it doesnt display at all until or unless a call sign is available. This can mean no acft display over various distances ranging from quite small to very large or not at all. Not sure if this is an issue or something that has been deliberately done for some reason. (NOTE: I have found this occuring even when I have a call sign on the basestation with acft flying inbound, outbound or overflying or passing YSSY).
    The links on the left hand side pane are an excellent inclusion. As is the ability to set the map to our individual preferences.
    Would it be too much to request one last thing? How about supplying us with a stewardess (or steward for the girls) to serve us drinks and eats while we upload our data to your site? (it wouldnt surprise me that with all you guys have done that you could even help out with that one)
    Gregg (YSSY2)
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