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Thread: NIKE Gulfstream at Manchester.

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    NIKE Gulfstream at Manchester.

    NIKE Gulfstream at Manchester.

    Spotted this rare bird on the radar.

    Callsign: N1KE
    Reg: N1KE
    Hex: A000E8
    Model: Gulfstream V (GLF5)
    Airline: Hum-air
    Lat: 53.44299
    Lon: -2.17101
    Altitude: 3150 feet (960 m)
    Ground speed: 0 knots
    (0 km/h / 0 mph)
    Track: 0°
    Radar: NET2

    There is nice photo of it here.

    There's another nice photo of it from underneath on here:
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    There is a radar in Portland, and it's a very common sight seeing it going in or out of the area, as Nike's HQ is near Portland.

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