I have RTL1090 running on a desktop PC [WinXP Pro], with a generic RTL2832U dongle. Initially, it took a while to get it all running, but got there eventually. I now feed FR24.

I've now got an identical dongle, and trying to set it up with RTL1090 on an old Toshiba Satellite 1800-700 laptop, also running XP Pro.

Despite uninstalling/reinstalling the various versions of RTL1090 and zadig XP and non XP drivers, I can't get RTL1090 to get any further than "started". See pic.

I've also installed MS dotNET3.5, in case it needed that, but no difference. Also tried ADSBsharp, but although that appears to install OK, I get a similar result. No data.

Both dongles are working fine on the desktop PC, so is it a Windows setting on the laptop?

Any ideas, please?