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Thread: Airspy (hardware) + ADSBSpy (software) out performs the FR24 receiver.

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    Been thinking about UAT, FIS-B,TIS-B. I have direct line of sight to an FAA ADS-B ground station. Can you see anything binary-like at 978MHZ?
    I might spring $200 for one of these.

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    ADSB Spy rev 38 now has updated ADS-B decoding code.
    Agreed with the comment: quality over quantify.

    Well we now have both.
    When FR24 does about 311 aircraft max in VRS, my Airspy R0 + ADSB Spy rev 38, did 462 aircraft.
    Recommended (test) setting is FEC: 2

    The difference now really is insane. More range, but also more ground signals, in my case Schiphol, visible in VRS.

    The sad part is, the Airspy R0/R2 is no longer produced, but some new (better) version is in the making.
    So i guess this post is for existing Airspy R0/R2 owners.

    In my quick test i got about 3700 fps and don't mind the RSSI values when you have great range.

    Again, the FR24 receivers are here to provide coverage for the site, hence they place lots of them.
    The Airspy can be used for ADS-B DXing. Feeding too ofcourse, expect the top receivers to become even better

    Update 1:
    ADSB Spy rev 39, RSSI meassuring fixed, correct values now.

    Update 2:
    Rev 40 and 41 also updated. Rev 41 now downloadable.
    Even more aircraft and range. RSSI can handle stronger signals and averages better.
    FPS are lower, but more valid decodes.
    Unusable frames very low and in my test no rejected ADS-B.
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    v. now with DX mode!

    I tried DX mode, FEC = 2 and worker threads = 4 on my Intel i7.
    With DX mode on, ADSB Spy beats itself with around 40-50 AC making it peak to ~410 here.

    Aircraft peak in VRS:
    ADSB Spy defaults: ~410
    ADSB Spy DX settings: ~360
    FR24 receiver: ~305

    VRS Statistics:

    ADSB Spy DX:

    ADSB Spy defaults:


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    So yeah, I changed over to an Airspy + Uputronics LNA and FA antenna. My previous setup was FA Pro adapter + filter and FA antenna.

    Getting better range, and WAY more hits. I was chasing a couple other sites in the area, constantly ~100 planes a day behind. Now I'm easily 400 planes / day higher.


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