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Thread: ads-b with usb dongle on board an airbus

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    This is unlikely to work. The Aluminium tube you're in is a pretty good faraday cage, as you'll notice by the absence of any useful GPS signal unless the antenna/device is held against the window. I did run a trial of this once, running my customised dump1090 on the raspberry off a battery for a short haul flight. It recorded a few other flights, but not a single position was received of the flight I was on. If it was saturating the dongle, I'd expect no other signal to have come through, so my guess is due to faraday cage, not enough signal inside the tube.

    Things would look different if you were to stick the antenna up against the window. That might work, but that also would raise suspicions, aggravate the crew, you'd end up in handcuffs have all your gear confiscated and it generally would ruin an otherwise perfectly good day... so my recommendation there is to stick to the IFE...


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    OK guys, here's my experience:

    A couple of years ago I took a Beast receiver together with my laptop (with PlanePlotter) and a small whip antenna like the one that comes with a dongle aboard a flight from Melbourne to Wellington. After laptops were cleared for use (10,000') I fired up the computer, left the Beast and antenna in my back pack by my feet and monitored ADS-B all the way until 10,000' in the descent.

    Being discreet and sensible is the key, enjoy! The next time I fly I'll be taking a dongle with me, even more discreet.
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    I'm not sure that being discreet would (or should) be the first priority. Complying with an airline's (and regulators) regulations/laws might be the first and most important. One can be discreet with a knife, although I'm not quite sure the 'enjoy' side of it fits the discussion from the point of view of the knife.

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    YouTube Video: In Flight tracking using rtl1090.. rtl dongle and XHSI interface

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    Great, I was looking for this interface. Never know how it is calling or where to get it.

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