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Thread: Feeding by solar

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    Feeding by solar

    I have a large yard, and am thinking about putting a rpi feeder with an antenna at the highest point. An extention cord is not practical, but here in the deep south we have a lot of sunshine. So I was thinking about perhaps solar, providing the cost is not obscene.

    Anybody have any experience with this? Setup? Cost? Reliability?

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    Interesting approach, so i did a little google search.

    Even in Germany many people are thinking about it (with less sun).

    Maybe this is something for you (as it'S in english)

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    Problem I have is finding a robust reliable 12vdc to USB 'interface' that can supply adequate power. Most of the standard ones have max 2.1A and I've had some failures with the 3A pucks from fleabay.

    Don't forget some form of solar regulator between the solar panel and battery.


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