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Thread: Planeplotter with airways and waypoints showing

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    Planeplotter with airways and waypoints showing

    I'm considering using Planeplotter but want something that shows which airways and waypoints the tracked aircraft are routing via. Is this available as a standard product option, or perhaps an additional third-party mapping product?


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    Better asked on the Planeplotter support yahoo message forum.


    You can set it up to display known waypoints and routes as an overlay on the normal map. But it cannot predict which aircraft is going to use them and draw them live. You still need to decode ACARS messages to get an idea where its likely heading, or listen to ATC calls.

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    You can always compile your own in .gpx format and overlay it on your planeplotter chart.
    That's what I did. You can tailor it to exactly how you want it

    Here's an extract from my file to give you an idea of how it's compiled.
    This covers the airway UL620 from GAPLI to Lands End - Southampton - Dover - Koksy

    <rtept lat="50.00000" lon="-8.00000"
    <rtept lat="50.13666" lon="-5.63666"
    <rtept lat="50.75000" lon="-2.51833"
    <rtept lat="50.955" lon="-1.345"
    <rtept lat="51.1088" lon="0.57"
    <rtept lat="51.16333" lon="1.36000"
    <rtept lat="51.13166" lon="2.00000"
    <rtept lat="51.09500" lon="2.65166"

    and this is how the whole shebang looks on the planeplotter screen



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    Another option is to use the skyvector dot com site

    Select the type of chart(s) that you're interested in (I use the WORLD-HI setting)
    Select the area(s) of interest.
    Zoom in as appropriate
    Do a screengrab when you're happy with what you're looking at
    Save that as a .jpg pic to your charts folder
    Run Planeplotter
    Load the chart
    Calibrate it
    and away you go

    and as they say on TV... "here's one I prepared earlier"

    Skyvector dot com.jpg

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