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Thread: AcarsDeco2 - multi-channels console RTLSDR ACARS decoder

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    AcarsDeco2 - multi-channels console RTLSDR ACARS decoder

    This is console (command line) up to 3-channels ACARS software defined radio (SDR) via a RTL2832 dongle receiver and decoder program that can do, for example:
    C:\>acarsdeco2.exe --gain 38.0 --freq-correction 65 --freq 131550000 --freq 131725000 --http-port 8090 --vrs-url --outConnectUdp sbs: --outServer ad2:30008
    --gain 38.0 - setting gain for receiver R820T. Determine the optimal value for your receiving conditions once, for example, in SDRSharp,
    --freq-correction 65 - correction of dongle internal oscillator. This is absolutely critical accurate adjustment for multi-channel receiver,
    --freq 131550000 --freq 131725000 - frequency of ACARS channel, up to 3. The maximum interval between channels with minimum and maximum frequency not more than 1.3 MHz.
    --http-port 8090 - set the port number for HTTP server. Default 8080,
    --vrs-url - network address of VirtualRadarServer for getting aircraft pictures in the WEB window,
    --outConnectUdp sbs: - set UDP client for transmitting ACARS data to PlanePlotter,
    --outServer ad2:30008 - set TCP server for output data on port 30008

    F:\>acarsdeco2.exe --help
    AcarSDeco2 v.20171115
    Program options:
      -h [ --help ]         This help message
      --device-list         List available SDR devices
      --device-index arg    Select SDR device (default: 0)
      --device-serial arg   Select SDR device by serial number
      --gain arg            Set preamp gain of receiver, dB (default: auto)
      --freq-correction arg Set oscillator frequency correction, ppm (default: 0)
      --agc                 Enable automatic gain control in SDR chip (default: off)
      --freq arg            Set receiver frequency, Hz
                            Specify option --freq multiple times to multiple
                            channels (Example: --freq XX --freq YY ...)
      --inConnect arg       Input connector. Format: (sbs|ad2):host:port
      --inConnectId arg     Named input connector. Format: (sbs|ad2):host:port:ID
      --inServer arg        Input server. Format: (sbs|ad2):port
      --inServerId arg      Named input server. Format: (sbs|ad2):port:ID
      --inServerUdp arg     Input UDP server. Format: (sbs|ad2):port
      --outServer arg       Output server. Format: (sbs|ad2|pp):port
      --outConnect arg      Output connector. Format (sbs|ad2|pp):host:port
      --outConnectUdp arg   Output UDP connector. Format: (sbs|ad2|pp):host:port
      --http-port arg       Set port for http server (default: 8080)
      --vrs-url arg         Set VirtualRadarServer url for additional aircraft data
                            Example: (default: off)
      --pictures-url arg    Set aircraft pictures collection url
                            Example: (default: off)
      --pictures arg        Set aircraft pictures collection local path
                            Example: (default: off)
      --silhouettes arg     Set path to directory of aircrafts' silhouettes
      --banners arg         Set path to directory of operators' logos
      --frdb arg            Set path to flightroutes database file
      --db arg              Set path to basestation database file
      --no-uplink           Don't display uplink messages (default: on)
      --no-sq               Don't display messages with SQ label (default: on)
      --no-empty            Don't display empty messages (default: on)
      --logfile arg         Set path to log filename (default: off)
      --logfile-sbs arg     Set path to SBS CSV log filename (default: off)
      --logfile-esbs arg    Set path to extended SBS CSV log filename (default: off)
      --no-console          Disable logging on console (default: on)

    Windows XP/7/8.1/10:

    Raspbian GNU/Linux 8.0 (Jessie): acarsdeco2_rpi2-3_20171115.tgz
    Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.0 (Stretch): acarsdeco2_rpi2-3_deb9_20171115.tgz

    Ubuntu 16.04 Intel 64 bit: acarsdeco2_x86_64_20171115.tgz
    Ubuntu 16.04 Intel 32 bit: acarsdeco2_i386_20171115.tgz

    OS X El Capitan: acarsdeco2_osx_20171115.tgz (Darwin Kernel Version 15.6.0)
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