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Thread: How to open FR24 exactly over your location

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    How to open FR24 exactly over your location

    I am using a PC with various browsers.
    I would like to open FR24 and immediately show the display centred on my location but if I add the URL to my favorites and open that it goes back to a specific location with a different zoom.

    How do you get it save a URL with the correct location and zoom?

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    It's easy

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    You can use this website ( ) to "fine-tune" down to your home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papasven View Post
    It's easy
    That's a little awkward. I have saved that on my favorites bar. Most mapping programs have a "zoom to my location" icon.
    I have FR24 and Flightaware feeds from my Raspberry Pi.
    From FR24 stats for my station, which I already had as a favorite, if I click on the site coordinates, it opens a Google Map. It would be handy if that opened a FlightAware zoomed to my location.
    FlightAware is similar. The stats page has coordinates on the stats page that don't click to anywhere.
    The live map has a location arrow that doesn't zoom to my location. I'm not sure what it does.

    Neither map allows a search by gps coordinates.

    I like opening a page to look overhead when I hear an airplane.
    The FR24 Android app does a fine job of that, especially with the AR.

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