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Thread: RTL2832U/R820T chip/tuner receiver error

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    RTL2832U/R820T chip/tuner receiver error

    I have an RTL2832U/R820T chip/tuner combination receiver as recommended by FR24 and cannot get pass the driver installation. I have disabled windows driver auto install, run Zadig, chose the WinUSB 9v6.1.7600.16385 driver as instructed and all i get is "Driver install Failed" Any clues???

    All executions were administrator run.

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    Just a few things I'm thinking about: Do you have the correct version of Zadig for your windows? Latest Zadig? Running as Administrator? Have you tried another USB port? Not using any USB hub kind of device? No long USB extention cable ? In Zadig, you are doing: Options -? Lisst all devices, select the RTL28xxx device -> Replace driver?

    .... Hope this might help.

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