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Thread: LOONY BALLOON flight in progress from 17th5th2014 in Sth East Queensland UnknoGOOGLE8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ressy View Post
    anyone know where it is now?
    I am receiving data from it right now on my ADSB receiver....

    Altitude: 56000 ft Squawk: 1300
    Speed: 48 kt ICAO (hex): 700355
    Track: 064 (NE)
    Lat/Long: -38.215393, 145.51263

    That puts it a little south of Melbourne. I'm in Albury on the NSW/Victoria border.
    Currently 10:30 UTC, 17-Jan-2015.

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    Picked it up also, though right on the edge of my range for aircraft.
    Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.53.20 PM.png

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