By Lars Westh Jacobsen ( BNB ) , Thursday, May 8, 2014 , 08:12 (Google translate)

Danish SAS plane was 90 meter from the mid-air collision

Earlier this year, a Danish scheduled flights from Copenhagen airport close to colliding with a Russian spy plane shortly after departure .

An SAS plane that had just taken off from Copenhagen airport , had to change course at the last minute to avoid a collision with a Russian spy plane . It reveals Swedish TV station SVT according

The incident happened March 3 , when SAS aircraft SK 681 had just left Copenhagen airport on the way to Rome. Shortly after the start , across international waters 50 km south of Malmö , got SAS aircraft pilots message to immediately change course .

Neither the pilots or air traffic controllers had observed that the SAS plane was on a collision course with the Russian patrol . It was discovered by a radar station and immediately transmitted. Therefore, SAS plane get information and quickly change course .

The two aircraft passed seam 90 meters - far from the minimum limit of 300 meters.

"It was very close. I can imagine that it must have been an unpleasant experience in the cockpit , "says Jens Olsson from the Swedish accident investigation team to SVT .

Head of Press Trine Kromann -Mikkelsen from SAS, confirms that its aircraft was involved in episode 3 March. She emphasizes that taking the matter very seriously .

"We have seen an increase in the number of military flights. It is troubling to us that operates commercial aviation , and therefore we have also taken hold of the authorities , "says Trine Kromann -Mikkelsen to

According to the Swedish accident investigation , the Russian aircraft type Ilyushin Il - 20M . The survey evidence shows that the crew of the SAS plane was close visual contact with the Russian aircraft.

" The crew could see that the plane was gray- painted and had four turboprop engines and a large antenna on the roof. They looked the other hand, no characteristics of the aircraft , "says Jens Olsson .