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Thread: Dongles Overheating When Placed Outside In Warm Weather.

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    Dongles Overheating When Placed Outside In Warm Weather.

    Dear all,

    Just to advise now that the warmer weather is finally coming to the UK and your Dongles are placed outside of your home. This can also assist others around the World in warm climates too.

    To keep my signal from any loss of dB. My Dongle is placed outside my home, in a little black project box attached to my mast to protect it from the elements.

    However, since our weather has started warming up, I have noticed over the past couple of days, that when the sun hits my project box (my project box is facing West), the inside of the box get to over 40 degrees Celsius and the Dongle stops working and when it cools down, it's fine again.

    I have made an adaption to my project box and so far, it has stopped it from overheating and continued working.

    What have I done?

    If you have an old Car Windscreen Sun Reflector that you no longer use. Cut a section of this an place around the project box but do not block any air holes you have created - my air holes are in the bottom of my project box.

    As stated, my Dongle is in a project box, yours may be encased in something different but the applied principle will be the same.

    However, please be aware, that as this is reflective material. Please ensure that any sunlight that gets reflected off it, DOES NOT flash your neighbours, their houses or drivers of motor vehicles, bicycles. As this could cause injury to their eyes, accidents on roads or even fire to their homes (magnifying glass scenario)

    If this doesn't work for you, you could always try white paint as suggested by Amper.

    So far, so good but I thought I'd share this with you all.

    Kind regards,
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