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Thread: Need Help Understanding STATS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kpin View Post
    It was annonced some months back that if would become available for T-feeders within a few weeks. Apparently this has happende for Linux based T-feeders but not yet for windows based feeders.
    If I recall correctly they are working on their own ads-b decoder software so they need not rely on Planeplotter/Kinetic SBS basestation/adsbscope/other 1090mhz softwares in order to reduce data errors. So I guess once that is released ( ?months) then that feature will be included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    What you feed from your receiver and what is seen on map are 2 completely different things.
    Statistics shows what you feed/upload - Map shows a mashup of data from many different sources.
    Some explanation has been done in this thread about how radar code is selected, but since that was written things have changed a bit.
    Thanks Mike, every little bit helps in understanding this. Will check out the link you attached also. Cheers/Bill

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