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Thread: Problem with unreliable data?

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    Problem with unreliable data?

    Good afternoon all,

    T-LEPA10 here, just wanted to get some expert advice on a repeat problem I am seeing.

    Only seems to be with the airline Volotea with their Boeing 717-200 aircraft.
    I see them approaching the island of Majorca, Spain perfectly fine on FlightRadar24 and descending just fine but
    then all of a sudden as they get closer to the Tramuntana mountains and Formentor headland it still is moving closer
    on the map but the altitude and speed just gets completely stuck, the flight today showed still at 32,000ft descending
    at -2000f/pm as it was almost over the top of my house but it's never the case...
    I feed data to FR24 as T-LEPA10 and I could see clearly on my radar that it wasn't at 32,000ft it was at 6000ft which is normal.

    Another anomaly is that JUST before reaching my radar the plane completely disappears from the FR24 website yet I'm still tracking
    it on RTL1090.
    The Volotea planes ALWAYS show as being picked up by the radar "T-EST1" if that has anything to do with it?
    Normally the planes on approach to Palma airport go right over my radar as I live next to the POS VOR.

    I've attached a photo so you can see, I just can't make sense of it and would appreciate any feedback.

    The red circle is where my radar is located. Aircraft showing at 32,000 ... actual altitude was 6000ft
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    The aircraft doesn't transmit positional data and was tracked using MLAT until the position fix was lost on approach to Majorca.

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    Please read and especially the part about MLAT.

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