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Thread: Receiver lat/lon incorrect for F-KBWI2?

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    Receiver lat/lon incorrect for F-KBWI2?

    I watched a Gulfstream IV 'land' at BWI, but the touchdown was south and west of the airfield. I assume that the plane was actually on the runway/taxiway at 0 ft/18kt!

    Could the lat/lon of that receiver be incorrect?

    Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 8.49.29 PM.jpg

    EDIT: Naturally just after I posted I saw a plane on the ground at BWI dead on the runway/taxiway - why would that Gulfstream be so far off? Obviously KBWI2 is quite sensitive to 'see' planes on the ground.

    Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 9.03.58 PM.png
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    I see this a lot when planes are low to the ground. Maybe the signal is interfered with by building or other objects.

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    Those are radar glitches. Normal thing.

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    Some aircraft use INS and not GPS. INS suffers from positional drift during flights and the transmitted positions will become more inaccurate as the flight progresses.

    Watch older aircraft landing in fields and roads at busy airports.

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    Receiver location has not connection to aircraft positions.
    Aircraft send out the LON/LAT position of the aircraft and that position can be incorrect for several different reasons.

    1) Old aircraft, old transponder - value is estimated
    2) Radio interference - bad position received
    3) Decoding problem - bad position decoded

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