This is a question to the developer sergsero:

As a glider pilot I act as a manager for our gliding airfield from time to time. I am in search for a virtual radar showing both, all the commercial and GA traffic in one application, say on one virtual radar screen. Gliders typically use Flarm rather than ADS-B transponders so you have to deal with it. From the open glider network initiative there is a Flarm decoder existing, that outputs the glider' (or Flarm target's) positions via APRS. Unfortunately there is no way between APRS and SBS format as far as I know.

Having built so many ADS-related protocols and even an AIS receiver as well as ADS receiver:
Is there a chance you will create such an interface?

IMHO best was to create another input to modesdeco or modesmixer for APRS/Flarm signals. So one could watch all the traffic on one screen.

Thank you,
Wolfram (Rueckwaertsflieger)