Even for port 10001 SBS has different output formats for different firmwares or versions of the device i believe.
It may just be that MSM2 doesn't support all of them.

Have you tried using the data forwarded by fr24feed when it connects directly to the SBS?
That should be possible on rpi-ip:8754 via the fr24feed webinterface.

I'm not sure on which port this data will be provided though, according to:

the data will be on port 30002 or 30334
RAW: 30002 (DVBT) / 30334(other hardware)

that should be 30334 for you.

Maybe you can try that and point MSM2 at one of those ports on the RPi?

I'd suggest ditching the SBS stuff, it's no longer developed i believe. (And limiting to one concurrent connection is stupid)
An LNA plus rtl-sdr stick has very good reception, maybe better than an an SBS unit.
(https://www.rtl-sdr.com/new-product-...mhz-ads-b-lna/ combined with their v3 dongle provides excellent results)