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Thread: SBS Populate vs. Active Display Lite

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    SBS Populate vs. Active Display Lite

    Hello all,

    Firstly, apologies if I have put this thread in the incorrect topic but here goes.

    Also, I will ask this question here in FR24 Forum and if no luck, I'll try the *GAS (Gatwick Aviation Society) Forum after.

    My setup is:

    USB Dongle, FR24 Feeder Software, RTL1090 Software and Virtual Radar Software - all working perfectly with no issues.

    Until recently, I have been using SBS-1 Populate software to AutoPopulate my Mode-S information from the GAS database and has been working perfectly well with new files being added to my BaseStation.sqb file on a daily basis and I currently have 10244 entries within my sqb file.

    Within the past two days, my SBS-1 Populate software is no longer AutoPopulating and no longer updating my sqb file and I am aware that GAS was bringing this software to an end.

    For example: When I stop this software, it says "Records processed 3225. No SBS DB records have been updated". But I know for certain at least 1 or 2 aircraft have past over me that is not in my Basestation.sqb file, such as the newly aquired Emirates A380 going into EGCC (MAN).

    I therefore downloaded their Active Display Lite software and installed it. The TCP seems correct: IP Port 30003 and I have made sure that the basestation path is pointing at the correct directory but every time I press "Play", is says "Basestation is not running" and pauses itself.

    Does anyone know if this Active Display Lite software only works properly if the user owns actual SBS1, SBS3 hardware?

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