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Thread: Massive Tracking Errors CYYZ area

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    Massive Tracking Errors CYYZ area

    This has been going on the past week and it seems every time the tracking jumps to another radar station the track jumps way off and then comes back inline resulting in a mess of scribbles all over the place. What is going on here? Are stations out of sync or is it a software glitch?

    See attached file...
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    probably some station supplying duff data...

    I do wonder if the last few seconds worth received data packets could be analysed to work out where a plane could possibly be given it's last position and speed + an allowance for uncertainty, and if a reading comes in that doesn't fit - discard it. Do a bit of Pythagoras on the latitude / longitude deltas, don't worry about the square root calculation (it's a cpu heavy process, better to square up the 'acceptability factor' and compare the squared result).

    BTW. Just feeding ideas

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