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Thread: T-TNCC1 coverage record ...?

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    Question T-TNCC1 coverage record ...?

    Hi Radar Enthusiast's,

    A couple of nights ago I captured this impressing coverage record from the station T-TNCC1 tracking a A/C over "Miguel Urdaneta Fernandez Airport" (IATA: STB, ICAO: SVSZ), (, a distance about 480 Kms (about 259NM) straight line.

    As I' am a Telecom Specialist, is a very interesting case study, because the southwest horizon line of sight from Curacao could be blocked by the mountain sitting about 135 Kms with several peaks hitting 1500 Meters over the sea level.

    A "quick & dirty" LOS calc (with 15 mts receiver height and 11.000 meters A/C height) results about 375 Kms (this figure is consistent with my past observations), I'm wishing to have more exact figures to do some calcs with Radio Mobile

    About 40 Kms later, the A/C was captured by the T-SKMR1 station, just crossing the International country border with Colombia.


    Definitely that station have "good ears"
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