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Thread: Flightradar24 feed software setup

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    Flightradar24 feed software setup

    I recently started feeding into Flightradar24. My current setup is made up of bits I already had or have borrowed. It consists of an Andrew 300Mhz (Min) discone high in the attic feeding USB TV dongle into old Celeron M laptop running XP. The decoding software is RTL1090 feeding ADSBScope to FR24feed software.

    Am I correct in thinking that the RTL1090 software can be set so it can feed directly to FR24feed software. I was already using ADSBScope and it was listed on the Flightradar24 as a suitable source.

    Should it be possible to feed to ADSBScope on a remote computer as well as Flightradar24. I have tried connecting to the ADSBScope RAW data server with the "Beast" decoder selected but get the message "Client: Fehler 10065" even with the firewall on the feed computer disabled. I have managed to connect the RTL1090 software on the feed computer but that killed the Flightradar24 feed by killing the feed to ADSBScope!

    The plan was to put the laptop in the attic but it runs quite hot consuming around 30W so wont yet leave it on 24 hours. My own slightly newer Celeron M laptop runs much cooler but I dont want to loose the use of that. So a Raspberry Pi is likely to be the replacement computer.

    The aerial is the weak link at the moment especially as it is inside but it does give far better coverage than the device supplied with the TV dongle. Although I can regularly see aircraft in one direction at well over 150Km and several areas where I see over 100Km there are areas where I often loose aircraft at around 30Km even at high altitude. Some of this will be caused by my house walls or neighboring houses, trees and hills so want to get the aerial outside. A stacked dipole aerial in a plastic tube to mount outside is the next project.

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    This is a hardware forum. For issues with the feeder software and RTL dongels there are already many other threads. Please post here ->

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