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Thread: rtl1090 crashing

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    Quote Originally Posted by FR24support View Post
    If the wrong drivers have been installed, using Zadig makes no difference.

    Do you have a Windows restore point before you installed them?
    I did use it for watching TV, but I uninstalled these drivers completely. Unfortunately I don't have a Windows restore point before the original drivers were installed.


    Quote Originally Posted by HermanZA View Post
    SoapyCro - what are you seeing in Zadig? Like ParadiseLost suggested, when you go : Options - List all devices, do you see anything that resembles the RTLxxx in that list? Do you replace that driver as suggested? Dis your dongle plugged in that that point?
    Yes, it's plugged in.

    I followed the same procedure on laptop and it works.

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    I have yet to find a definitive process to remove these previously installed drivers.

    If anyone knows, please share.

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    Small update, it turned out that I had a Windows restore point before the original drivers were installed. I restored windows to that point so I was able to do completely fresh install of drivers using zadig, unfortunately it still crashes when I press START.

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    Try a fresh download of RTL1090 and the other files as described in the online Guide.

    "Create two folders – one for RTL1090 and another for the SDR files.

    Download these two zips and extract the files:

    Copy the files below from the rtl-sdr-release/x32 folder (even if you have a 64-bit machine) to the folder containing the extracted RTL1090 files:


    You should now have the following files in your RTL1090 folder (possibly without the rtl1090.ini):"

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    I just did, for the 3rd time. Still crashes though.

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    Getting Rid of a Bad Install

    Quote Originally Posted by SoapyCro View Post
    I did use it for watching TV, but I uninstalled these drivers completely. Unfortunately I don't have a Windows restore point before the original drivers were installed.

    One of two things happened back in the beginning. The first time you plugged in the dongle Microsoft detected the dongle and installed drivers that would enable the full capabilities of the TV dongle it detected. You didn't click on CANCEL or you selected the have disk option.

    In your example the items in PINK are the results for the dongle properties. To return to time zero, follow the items highlighted. Unplug the dongle. Uninstall the Bulk_Interface 0. In the DEVICE MANAGER right click on any instances of the dongle and select UNINSTALL.

    Reboot the computer with the dongle unplugged. Go to the DEVICE MANAGER and verify that the Bulk_Interface and the dongle references are not present and truly uninstalled.

    Plug in the dongle and cancel when the operating system tries to install drivers.

    Run Zadig as previously instructed in the correct order.

    Start and configure the RTL1090 program.

    Following the step by step will remove all the bad stuff and let you install it correctly.

    "The names may have been changed to protect the innocent. "



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    Try running the tuner stick through a powered USB hub, just in case the USB power from the PC doesn't have quite enough va-va-vooom.

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    I'm stealing this thread a bit. If you read my thread that I created and was later locked you'll understand my issue.

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    I have quickly browsed your previous thread: make sure you are running ZADIG correctly. Ensure you look for a device that remotely resembles RTL* or DVB* and install the Zadig Driver onto that device. If need be, run Zadig in elevated / Admin mode (right click, run as Administrator). I have a very strong suspicion your problem lies there. Are you sure you are installing the Zadig driver correctly? My first attempt I thought I did, but in fact did not. Remember also, that Zadig driver install is specific to that USB port, if you move it to another port, its a new device and you have to reinstall Zadig. Not getting anything of an unsigned driver, or something like that? Your AntiVirus is not jumping into action and does something to your driver files at that point?

    In so far my windows installation thereof... I can leave the dongle connected and go through a reboot, and it does not detect new hardware, but uses the same, previously installed Zadig driver every time without any hassles. And I'm on Windows8. Is your windows USB subsystem still fine ? No other issues with USB devices? No unknown devices in Device Manager?

    Drop me an email at: herman [at] eons. co .za and let me know how it goes, or I can try to help. (Then we don't steal too much thread here)
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    Follow above guide to ensure all remnants of the driver located on machine are removed. Drivers don't truely uninstall. They simply remove the reference of it until next time you plug it in.

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