My Setup
SBS-1E using win7, xport ver, was using a USB lead, but now trying to connect using a Virgin Super Hub so I can move the box closer to the aerial and be able to use it on the network.

My Problem
IP Address Range
Local IP Address 192.168.0. EM IP Address

I have been following Anmer sbs1_networking Guide to try and change the ip address in my sbs box
All seems to be ok till I reach the point in the guide were it asks to Select Settings under Channel 1 on the left-hand menu and check the Local Port reads 10001.

When I input 10001 and press ok I get a message pop up saying (Remote Port: contains invalid characters. Valid Characters are 0-9.) I have tryed entering a random number say 0 then I get another window pop up saying Inactivity Timeout(min): contains invalid characters. Valid characters are 0-9. I have tried entering 60 & 0 in the box.
Which it accepts but then another window pops up saying Remote Host: Undefined: Undefined: Undefined is not a valid IP address.

I have no idea what that means so thought best to try to get some help.