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    Receiver: Raspberry Pi 3 + cheapo DVB-T stick (When the FA Pro Stick is back in stock in Europe I will buy/use that in combination with the FA filter I already have)
    Antenna: FlightAware antenna
    Cables/Connectors: 17 meters of KOKA 9 TS (total loss in this cable alone should be around 1.25 dB.)
    Pigtail/step down adaptors: MCX - F pigtail, short piece of flat coaxial cable and F-N adapter for the antenna.
    Software: PiAware 3.1.0
    Comments: The KOKA cable runs underneath the rooftiles and above the insulation. Antenna is placed at about 7 meters above ground.
    The flat coax is needed (no way of drilling holes through exterior walls or anything like that) which runs between window and window frame.
    This short piece of coax does have a negative effect on the results though...
    I'm feeding Flightradar24, FlightAware and Planefinder.

    ADS-B RPi3 PiAware 3 by Iemand91, on Flickr

    FlightAware antenna by Iemand91, on Flickr


    FA antenna Planefinder range through flat coax by Iemand91, on Flickr

    ADS-B range rings through flat coax by Iemand91, on Flickr

    Compare that without the (needed) flat coax:

    FA antenna Planefinder range directly by Iemand91, on Flickr

    ADS-B range rings directly by Iemand91, on Flickr
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