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Thread: Show / Describe your FR24 hardware

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiedehopf View Post
    What do you think would fail?
    I've no idea, I was just wondering and yes it's worth a try at least :-)
    Temperatures here are between -20 and +40° C, in the sun even more. It definitely will be a stresstest for the equipment :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by viking05 View Post
    Are you guys really using the RPI in a box outdoors? 365 days a year?
    I'd really wonder if this is working, I don't think so
    In the same position I had another RPi running for almost 2 years without any issue and still working but not for the same purpose.
    I think, a fan and trying to avoid direct sun light is enough to keep this implementation up and running for many years.

    Many years ago, we had a whole PC running on the rooftop inside a junction box for antenna and routing purposes with no issues. Great years!

    The only danger could be a nearby thunderstorm.

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