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Thread: How I caught AirNav stole my Flight Data

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanok View Post
    As far as I know 4.04 is still in beta and it is long overdue. Can you send the update file for us to test and confirm this?

    By the way, it may sound stupid. After you unselect that share data, have you click APPLY?

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    A stupid question deserves a stupid " Yes " answer - only a moron will deselect something without clicking " Apply " followed by " OK ".

    The version these THIEF sent to me is:

    " Upgrade from V4.03 to V4.04 to fix Equatorial bug ".

    Version: 4.04
    Date: 2012/06/06, 02:44
    Firmware: 02.03.1

    I have sent these THIEVES emails requesting for the later version - but until today NO HUMAN BEING reply me - I guess ALL HUMAN BEINGS in AirNav got killed by North Korea's nuke missiles.

    Now the THIEVES from AirNav are more daring and open in their CRIME - my Radarbox Serial Number is displayed in Left Panel when I click on the aircraft received by my RadarBox.
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