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Hi forum,

Have been getting used to monitoring VDL2 on 136.975. There sure is lots of messages per minute compared with regular ACARS
I am trying to see some ground stations - can anyone say whether they use a similar format as on ACARS?

I have received this kind of message that I think is squitter. There is a mistake on coordinates because this is not Sao Paulo!

05/04/15 10:18:09 UTC
Broadcast address (hexa): FFFFFF (All aircraft)
Source address (hexa): 219D18 (Ground Station, delegated address , command frame)
XID (Exchange Identification) frame F=0
Data (hexa): 828000140109383838353A3139393302020001030320A488F0 001F000156040120C10453425350C406000000000000C50494 000000C80303EFA6
Public parameters:HDLC public parameter: 8885:1993
Classes of procedures (hexa): 0001
HDLC functions (hexa): 20A488
Private parameter set identifier: V
AVLC specific options parameter (hexa): 20
Airports covered by the ground station: SBSP SAO PAULO/CONGON (BRAZIL)
ATN router nets:
* ADM identifier (hexa): 000000 User field (hexa): 000000
Station operator mask (address) (hexa): 200000
Ground station (+/- 3'): 06°12'N 009°00'W