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Thread: RTL2832U/R820T Tuner Decoding

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    RTL2832U/R820T Tuner Decoding

    - Hardware:

    RTLSDR RTL2832U with R820T Tuner

    Homemade groundplane antenna:

    - Software (Windows):

    ADS-B decoder:
    A new gui version has been released:
    This decoder is still in heavy development, but first tests make it better than rtl1090.

    - Virtual Radar Server and Flightradar24 Feed version 1.1.2 ( )
    FlightRadar24 feed app

    a) run adbs.exe (runs on tcp port 47806)
    b) run virtual radar server, connect data source to tcp port 47806
    c) run inside virtual radar server via options: rebroadcast server, format BaseStation, port 30003
    d) run fr24feed.exe and connect to tcp port 30003

    Read this page carefully:

    You need to run Zadig on the RTLSDR device and update it's driver.
    Sometimes this is needed several times when you connect more than one rtlsdr, or change ports. This differs per system. Read the page.

    ppm is part of the configure as used in many programs, to correct the frequency offset of the dongle.
    Two examples:

    These decoders come with a MCX connector. To use high grade cable you either have to modify the stick and change this connector, or obtain a MCX-> N-type as common on external antennas (but check with your equipment for your own requirements)
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    Linux based:

    Try gr-air-modes. Not the easiest install.

    Or Dump1090:
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    Linux/Rasberry Pi:

    I found solution to transform AVR signal to BaseStation

    Just compile and run adsbox - it's client of AVR and server of BaseStation (30003)

    Last version:

    Remeber - to compile it you need last version of sqlite and place it like that:

    cd to adsbox folder and try make

    Try lastest version from git of dump1090

    git clone
    cd dump1090

    and use option like that:
    ./dump1090 --net --net-sbs-port 30003 --interactive --enable-agc

    and FR24 like that:
    ./fr24feed_arm-le_225 --fr24key=your_share_key --bs-ip= --bs-port=30003

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    3rd party how-to guide with similar software/outcome:

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    For those who were wondering about the DVB-T sticks that you could use as to stream to FlightRadar24, I will explain.

    You need to purchase a dongle with an RTL2832U chip and an R820 or an Elonics e4000 tuner.

    With this you can follow on of the tutorials online that explains how to use it to grab ads-b data.

    Here are some links to purchase one from:

    This is the best one for those in the UK, as it's located in Jersey and I use this one myself:

    This one is located in the United States, so for those who are in the US this is the best option for you:

    There are also tons of them from China. Just search RTL2832U dongle on eBay or on Google and you'll find massive amounts of them. Just make sure they have either the r820 or e4000 tuner!

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