From the New Feeder Spotted thread:

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Btw, I'm running T-YSSY4 up here in Sydney (and with quite a bit of competition but in all honesty the more the better).

We may have to set up a 'Aussie' thread on the forum.
As I mentioned on the other thread, I'm T-YPPH2 and I'm about 6km from Perth Airport.
Still running on a window-mount that amazes me with the range I get, and have a Panorama Antennas 1090Mhz ready to go on my 2m mast "Real Soon Now"(tm) - it's replacing an old 2.4GHz grid antenna, so I already have LMR-400 up the mast.

I happened to be chatting last night to a local fellow who it turns out is already running 4 "Beast" ADS-B nodes around the Perth metro area, and is about to add a 5th - I'm convincing him to help feed fr24 in addition to the sites he already feeds.