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I have been declined / rejected for the adsb receiver for > 5 times. In my area only 2 official F-radars and 1 T-radar (low coverage).
Evidently your being declined is a matter of economics. FR24 invests $500 to $750 providing equipment that probably duplicates what is now operating with the two F-stations and the T-station. In hosting a FR24 site, circumstances change and maybe one of those sites will go dark and make a way for you to be accepted.

For documentation of your application I suggest you use https://www.heywhatsthat.com and create a new panorama of your coordinates so you can see what your coverage potential is, assuming your mast puts your antenna above close by buildings and green foliage trees. Once you get your map, the URL will be near the top of the map....not the URL of the page. At the top of the map click to remove Visibility Cloak that is selected by default and click on Up In the Air. Zoom out the map until you can see brown line drawings on the map and blue line drawings on the map also.

The brown line drawings represent your coverage at 10000 feet and the blue line drawings represent the coverage at 30000 feet. These altitudes can be changed at the bottom of the map.

On the FR24 applications where it asks for pictures E,W,N,S from your roof include a jpg of the projected coverage area. They already know the coverage they are getting from the established FR24 receivers. Maybe your coverage will get their attention in a positive way. Economics always wins in the end for successful companies.

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