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Thread: PlanePlotter and Flightradar24 not working

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    PlanePlotter and Flightradar24 not working

    Hi all
    I have this MicroUSB receiver
    I can track aircraft with Planeplotter version 6.29 but I can't get it to share with Flightradar24.
    When I see an aircraft that no one else can see it doesn't appear on Flightradar24.
    I have installed the FR24 program as well but it says that I need 3 aircraft and have 0. I know at least 3 aircraft have been flying past today and it still says 0.
    Here are some links to the screen captures I have done that explains all the settings.

    I have TCP port 30003, UDP 9742 and 9741 forwarded to my server that runs this.
    I am sure its something simple but I can't work it out.
    Thanks for any help

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    The feeder software setup won't complete if you have too few aircraft.

    Contact FR24 who may be able to help.

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    Thanks for the reply Anmer.
    I will pass my message on to FR24 and see what they say.
    Thanks again

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    I have the same problem. Skies full of planes and still "no aircraft" or "too few aircraft".

    Standing next to the antenna I can see them. So the antenna should pick them up. The rtl1090 program is pumping line after line through its screen, but no sharing.

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    I had to manually get mine activated. I contacted the FR24 people and they sorted it all out.

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    it appears it also has to be in 'list' view to work. And that will show how many trackable ones you infact have. (remebering not all data you see contains GPS info)

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    Ah well, Ive ordered a better antenna, so Ill see first if that makes any difference (probably). If not... Ill be back.

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