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    Hong Kong Radar

    I have noticed during the past few weeks that the excellent Hong Kong radar now has a blind spot on aircraft landing from the west. When aircraft are on base leg before turning finals for a landing from the west, the aircraft time out on screen at around 3000 feet because of loss of data. The aircraft then reappear on the radar just before touchdown at around 1500 feet.
    Previously you could follow aircraft landing from the west all the way to touchdown at Hond Kong without the aircraft timing out on the base leg.
    Has one of the Flightradar24 contributors left who used to supply that radar coverage?
    Is it possible for one of the present Flightradar24 contributors to cover this blind spot by repositioning his aerial?
    It would be great if Flightradar24 could get back the radar coverage for landing aircraft west of the airport.
    Hope you can help.
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