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Thread: Apparent time delay in YPPH area

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    Question Apparent time delay in YPPH area

    I am located in Perth, Australia and have noticed that the 2 feeds currently servicing the Perth area (T-F4V and T-OLDS) are currently operating with an approximately 5 minute shift. Aircraft I have viewed by eye are not showing up in the respective location on FR24 until around 5 minutes later.

    Is this an intentional feature or is there some sort of issue with communication from the feeders? A previous feed for the Perth area (T-YPPH1) was always in real time and aircraft could be viewed by eye while matching up with the plot shown on FR24.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Firstly g'day and like you I had noticed this phenomenon occuring over Perth for some time. Your second observation is the more likely reason. The 'T-OLDS' radars represent all the uploaders sending data to FR24 via the older (now outdated) software which is gradually being phased out. Hopefully that will fix itself in time when all are uploading with the latest (and same) version. It certainly isnt likely to be an intentional feature of the site. As far as I know the only delayed aircraft are those from the FAA feed over the USA and many other areas displayed an the map in orange.

    Regards to the west,
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