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Thread: Contrails "Chemtrails"

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    Quote Originally Posted by fungus View Post
    Yes mate, I'm in it for the long haul- I regard it as a worthwhile 'fight.' However, it would seem to be becoming a rather futile battle going by some of the recent posts.

    Respect mate!

    I gave up years ago

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    What a silly debate!
    Aly888; never mind quoting a paper by a man who has set up a site specifically to promote his climate conspiracy views, calling it an "Institute".
    Try a Google search on the subject and read the papers from the Royal Institute. The Royal Institute is totally neutral in virtually all things scientific. Their paper discusses the possibility of SRM via the spraying of a sea water aerosol into clouds or using SO2 to increase the reflectivity of the clouds. They report that nobody has yet found an effective way to do either of these yet. They also report that no large scale experiments have taken place. Anywhere.
    As for black con trails, if the sun is on one side of a trail, it will reflect, usually bright white. If the sun is on the other side of the trail, it will effectively make a shadow. A dark shadow (as shadows usually are).
    Amper; re your comment about con trails being around since 1945; it was a bit earlier than that chief. I have recently read an amazing book about the Mosquito during WW2 and one of the tactics they used to avoid detection was to alter their altitude until the trail stopped (with the second crew member kneeling on his seat, looking backwards to moitor the trail).

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    Amazing con trail

    Spotted in Oxforshire this morning
    con trail.JPG

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